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SecureIT FB-40KD-06 Agile Model 40 Heavy Duty Ultralight Gun Safe

SecureIT FB-40KD-06 Agile Model 40 Heavy Duty Ultralight Gun Safe

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SecureIt Agile Model 40 Heavy Duty Ultralight Gun Safe FB-40KD-06 The SecureIt Model 40 Heavy Duty Ultralight Gun Safe has an innovative design, built to stack on top of the Agile Model 52. This allows you to maximize your storage space while ensuring convenient access to your firearms. With its cutting-edge features and superior craftsmanship, this model offers the security and flexibility to safeguard your guns. Weighing hundreds of pounds less than traditional gun safes, the Agile Model 40 combines ultralight construction with heavy-duty protection. Crafted with the same professional-grade standards trusted by the U.S. military, this gun-safe system provides unparalleled security at a fraction of the cost. You no longer require a forklift for a robust and reliable gun storage solution. One of the standout features is the innovative CradleGrid Technology. This unique system allows you to customize and adapt the storage space to accommodate any long gun without needing tools. Say goodbye to re-zeroing your rifles with scopes attached. The CradleGrid System ensures straight-line access, allowing you to reach each firearm effortlessly without disturbing the others. It also enhances organizational awareness, making it easier to inventory your collection visually. Inside youll find six upper cradles with removable bungees and three stock bases. The recessed, full piano hinge swing door features a 3-point locking system. It also comes equipped with a customizable 6-digit electronic push-button lock, offering a secure and convenient way to access your firearms. A key override is included in emergencies or battery depletion, with two keys provided. The knockdown design allows for fast and easy assembly, providing you with a hassle-free setup process. Upgrade your gun storage to the SecureIt Agile Model 40 Heavy Duty Ultralight Gun Safe and experience the perfect balance of security, convenience, and adaptability. Whats Included: 1 Agile Model 40 Safe with Knockdown Technology CradleGrid Technology Customizable 6-digit electronic push button lock system (batteries not included) A key override (2 keys included) Six (6) upper cradles with removable bungees Three (3) stock bases Highlights: CradleGrid System - Allows adjustment on the fly to store any long gun - no tools necessary. No need to re-zero - Stores any rifle with a scope attached. Straight-line access - This allows you to reach each firearm without moving others. Organizational awareness - Improves visual inventory. Ideal size - For home and office. Features: Keypad control panel. Key override KnockDown design (patent pending) for fast assembly Recessed, full piano hinge swing door with 3-point locking system. Stores any six firearms up to 38 in length. *Battery NOT included Specifications: Outside Dimensions: 40.00 H x 20.25 W x 15.25 D Inside Dimensions: 39.88 H x 18.50 W x 12.25 D Interior Cubic Feet: 5.23 Weight: 100 Pounds How to Assemble Your Agile Gun Safe

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