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Ricoh WG-6 Digital Camera (Black) with Gadget Bag and 64gb Memory Card

Ricoh WG-6 Digital Camera (Black) with Gadget Bag and 64gb Memory Card

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Ricoh WG-6 Digital Camera Ricoh is a leader in waterproof point-and-shoot cameras, and the new Ricoh WG-6 Digital Camera (Black) is yet another impressive addition to the collection. Waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof, and crushproof, the WG-6 is an extremely compact yet rugged camera built for the outdoors. When you need to shoot in the harshest of environments, you cannot do better than this Ricoh all-weather camera. Ricoh updated the WG-6 to make this the toughest, most durable, and simply best underwater camera of the WG series. Toughest Ricoh WG Model The Ricoh WG-6 is a rugged underwater camera that is waterproof down to 65 feet (20m). But its more than just a water camera. Its also ideal for professionals who work in civil engineering or construction. It is shockproof at 6 feet (2.1m), freezeproof to 14F (-10 degrees Celsius) and crushproof up to 22lb (100kgf). It is the most durable waterproof digital camera Ricoh has added to its WG line. High Performance The advanced performance of the WG-6 is bolstered by its approximately 20 effective megapixels and 5x optical zoom across its 28mm 140mm lens range. The high performance of the integrated lens combines with a back-illuminated CMOS sensor to provide clarity, low noise, and wide dynamic range to your photos. LED Ring Lights Multifunctional LED ring lights surround the lens, upgraded for the WG-6. New to this model are six variable brightness LEDs that are ideal for a variety of situations, particularly images of food or portraits. The LEDs are 10 times brighter than those of the WG-60 and can be adjusted in 10 increments. In addition to brightness adjustment, features of the WG-6 ring lights include filling light for closeups, direction (all, left, right, up, bottom), 1 cm super macro mode, and ring light WB mode. Enhanced Operation, Even with Gloves One worry common to cameras with rugged exteriors is that they are harder to operate, but not so with the Ricoh WG-6. This camera has been enhanced for easy operability with features such as the new ADJ button, which gives you a shortcut to access the functions users rely on the most. You can reassign the ADJ to reflect your personal shooting habits. In addition, a new dial allows you to quickly switch the shooting mode. A four-way controller has raised contours that make buttons easier to press even when you are wearing gloves. The camera also provides date imprinting and copyright imprinting functions, and you can easily adjust the brightness of your screen to view widely varying levels of light. Fantastic Business Tool Like the Ricoh G Series camera, the WG-6 comes equipped with functions ideal for industrial or business work. It has chemical resistance that allows you to use ethanol disinfection, sodium hypochlorite disinfection, and chloride dioxide. Many users will find it valuable at construction sites and other professional settings. Koah Nostrand Avenue Camera System Gadget Bag with Accessory and Cleaning Kit The Nostrand Avenue Camera System Gadget Bag from Koah is a semi-soft carrying case that fits one DSLR camera and up to two lenses and accessories. Designed with keeping easy access in mind, it features a large top cover that protects your camera/camcorder and gear from rain and sand. It also allows for quick access to your camera and is secured with a snap coupler. An extended zipper pulls add to the bags convenient design. SanDisk 64GB Ultra SDXC UHS-I Memory Card Take better pictures and Full HD videos with your compact to mid-range point-and-shoot cameras. This SD card is ideal for storing tons of photos and videos. With speeds up to 100MB/s to quickly transfer it all to your comp

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